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Today the business environment is changing fast. In Newtech Global we help our clients adapt to it working together with a long-term strategic partnership vision. Because they way to achieve results requires the utilization of proven solutions with an experienced partner who understands the challenges of your business.

Every client is unique, and achieving success requires a tailored BPO solutions proposal that will consider the business industry and the unique challenges of the each client. The comprehensive solutions proposal can include customer acquisition, retention, customer service, and process reengineering. Our tailored model approach is based on three fundamental steps:

  • Understanding the client’s vision: goals and objectives, short through long-term.
  • Review, analysis, diagnosis and solutions design incorporating best practices.
  • Execute to achieve goals.

Work areas:

  • Direct response campaigns: TV, Internet, media
  • Customer service campaigns: Telecommunications, white lines and customized solutions

Newtech Teleservices

Newtech Teleservices contributes with the vision, experience and creativity so that our clients’ business is successful. We look at the overall business landscape of our customers, not just the part that can be outsourced, which is an essential part of ensuring that the relationship provides commercial value.

Work areas:

  • Electronic marketing campaigns: subscriptions, scheduling sales appointments
  • Order Processing
  • Product sales


At Newtech Software, the timely and personalized information technology services that customers need to continue growing and thriving in the highly competitive international business environment. We can help improve the quality and effectiveness of your IT resources by offering a wide range of specialized services such as business analysis and project management, combined with our software development and quality assurance services.

Work areas: IT services

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Ideal Location

Based in the Dominican Republic, in the heart of the Caribbean, we are strategically located to provide timely services to clients worldwide. Cultural affinity, strong language skills and geographic proximity are just some of the additional benefits we can offer our national and international clients.

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Dirección Edificio 2: Av. Rómulo Betancourt 1460, Santo Domingo 10112
Dirección Edificio 3: Av. José Contreras 44, Santo Domingo
Phone: +1 (809) 333-6600